Long story short; I’m taking a break from writing posts.

There are bunch of contributing factors, but the most pertinent ones are:

  • I’m tired
  • I don’t have any good topics to talk about right now
  • I want to use my morning commute to read instead of writing

Barring sickness and holidays, I’ve written a post a week since my very first post back in September 2014, so lets do some quick and dirty math.

There are approximately 45 pages of blog posts, and at 5 posts per page that’s well over 200 posts. Each post is conservatively 800 words, but more likely to err on the side of 1000+ because I’m a verbose person and it takes me ages to get to the point. Just like it did in that sentence.

Even if I’m conservative, that’s still at least 200,000 words, and according to Wikipedia, that’s somewhere between four and five novels worth. More tellingly, its more words that you are typically allowed to write for a Ph.D dissertation according to a bunch of unnamed American universities.

Numbers and statistics are all well and good, but really I’m just trying to justify to myself that this is enough, so I don’t feel bad about not doing it for a while.

Maybe I’ll find something cool and worth talking about and I’ll be right back into it next week.

Maybe I’ll never write another word again, I don’t know.

Regardless of which path I take from here, I think that writing this blog has made me a better professional than I would have otherwise been, and I hope that at least one person on the interwebs has found the information therein useful.